Shimokita Nights

Hello everybody,

Today I am releasing my new album! It’s called Shimokita Nights … music inspired by and written on trains :slight_smile:

I’m not professional musician but i love recording and playing until too early in the morning :slight_smile: … I love reading all your posts too!

I use a lot of synthesizers and drum machines so maybe you might like it … here is a list of some of my equipment:

Akai MPC Renaissance / Akai 4000DS MKII / DSI Prophet 6 / Dreadbox Erebus / Elektron Machinedrum / Fender Jazzmaster / Korg SV-1 / Teenage Engineering OP-1 / OTO Biscuit / MFB 522 / Moog Sub 37 / Nord Drum 2 / Roland RE-201 / Strymon El Capistan / Strymon Big Sky / Vermona DRM1 MK3 / Vermona Perfourmer / Waldorf Blofeld / Warm Audio WA-12

Phew! :slight_smile: … I hope you enjoy some songs!

keiko narahashi

@keiko_narahashi Congratulations on your new album, it has a really good mellow feel! I particularly like tracks 2 and 9 - you are clearly making very good use of your equipment!

@keiko_narahashi Beautiful, definitely something I’ll be listening to, and if I get around to it, buying.

Oh thank you wolflegjon san and xophize san!

It is so nice to know somebody somewhere is listening to my songs :)

keiko narahashi

@keiko_narahashi Who wouldn’t listen to beautiful sounds like these ?

Hehe, thank you xophize san! ... I have only sold two copies of my album, so must continue as a legal secretary for now :) ... One day I hope i can become a professional musician!

keiko narahashi

Two more than I’ve ever sold! :wink: Nice work.

True !

I bought a copy! Great stuff! Very inspiring :slight_smile:

Thank you so much gents, you are so kind! :slight_smile:

Heather in bloom is very nice too, I like the use of the old Kaossilator drums!

Perfectly suits my current mindset. Bought it as well.

Listening to your album, 3rd track and already loving it! Demain dès l’aube…

Great album.

Really liked Heather in Bloom and Shimokita Nights.

Hope to visit Tokyo some day.

Hehe, thank you very much everyone! :slight_smile: … that’s funny you mention kaossilator, because i have one somewhere deep in my cupboard. the drums on heather in bloom are vermona drm1 mk3 + oto biscuit :slight_smile:

Crazy, it totally sounds like the KO-1…