Should I get the OP-1 ?

Hi everybody,

I’m was looking to get an analog rytm or a tempest, and I’ve seen again the OP-1…It make me doubt…

Finally I hesitate between Analog Rytm or OP-1 + New Electribe…

I actually have Volca Beats and Keys, and a novation Ultranova. I really need a Groovebox Sampler, and the fact that the OP-1 can be brought everywhere is awesome…

As owners and users of this synth, what’s you opinion, advices ?


Maybe the electribe but the sampler comes next year somewhen… so …and ARytm and Tempest cannot sample only use samples. The OP-1 is a little DAW with its tape (only for tracks, you have to bounce for more), I think it’s more an asthetic question whether you like the little guy/ girl and its possibilities and borders or not. If youre looking for fat standard sound it might not be your thing. But it does everything the others don’t.

" The fat standard sound " as you said, can be sampled on the OP-1, isn’t it ? (so it seems that you can do everything (almost) with it)

Buy the OP-1, but I am kinda biased hahahaha.

Sure you can sample stuff into the OP-1. It has 6 sec sample time for synth parts (you can set a separate loop interval so it keeps playing if you forget to lift your finger because you are so mesmerized by its stupendously cool design and mind blowing visual and aural programming) BITSCHOOO BGGPOOOF !!!

It’s a serious piece of kit, plus its really solid and weighty for its size… to quote Boris The Blade aka Boris The Bullet Dodger: “Heavy is good, heavy is reliable, if it doesn’t work you can always hit him with it”. Plus it has neat sequencers and cool things like a G-meter that can be used to control parameters. So you can beat somebody’s ass with it and be all musical about it.

It’s like…man…I dunno… dude… it’s just f***ing cool.

Oh it’ll get you laid too. Well at least I got laid thanks to it. Chicks voice sample + 4-Track Tape + some synth + generic beat = Generic Trance + Sex with said chick.

I mean CMON MAN how many instruments are a portable music production station that can make beating someone up look more like a music clip and on top of that will get you laid?

Maybe @Cuckoo will pop in here, since he owns a RYTM and OP-1.

Bear in mind you will need some way to keep the OP-1 sync’d with the rest of your gear, or play its part(s) manually

I love Elektron (Octatrack owner since release), but personally I think I’d have more fun with the OP-1 + electribe.

That’s right, you have the drum sampler with 12 sec and the synth with 6 for the keyboard play. Then 8 slots for free sampler/ synth engine -choice. But you can only play one onstrument at a time,

sounds like what you really need is an octatrack.

I have recently sold my Elektorn gear (OT and A4) and have used a Rytm a number of times. The Rytm and the Op-1 are such different machines I wouldn't even start to try and compare them. I enjoyed all of the machines but the OP-1 and Rytm are the most fun by far for me. The Op-1 being th quickest to get to grips with.

If you can't get your hands on both machines I suggest you check out some videos on youtube or from the Elektronauts forum. They should give you a good idea of sound and worklow.

If you are in to traditional detailed sound programming, either sythesis or sample based then the AR has ir covered. The peformance capabilities are out of this world IMHO.


lol @erhenius, you almost conviced me :slight_smile:

@masterofstuff124 why did you say that ?
@853 I understand. And we can bring the op-1 everywhere ^^

OP-1 is really cool, that’s for sure. The right companion for lonely train rides.

You can get a used one for 450€.

I wouldn’t put 800€ on a new one, though… For this you can get some good old (used) Elektron gear !

I’m searching used one, but hard to find at this price ^^ (and i’m affraid it’ll be in poor condition)

Hello. I heard my name being mentioned :slight_smile:

You’re saying you have the Volca Beats and Keys, and a novation Ultranova. And that you “really need a Groovebox Sampler”.
The OP-1 can be synced, although it’s a little limited as a synced machine, in my opinion. So as for a groovebox sampler… yeah. maybe. Although the I think it should be thought of as an Everything On The Go machine.

Analog Rytm is really good. I haven’t tried the Tempest myself, but when I listen to it I say choosing between the Rytm and the Tempest is probably all about personal taste. The Rytm sounds fat and big, and in my opinion it’s a far more elaborate machine - where the Tempest has a more recognisable, sort of “alternative” electro sound. They sound very different. Which is good!

The Rytm is not a sampler, although it can play samples quite well, that you send to it through USB. However, it can almost work like a sampler if you have an iPad, and using the newly released Strom app. If you don’t know about this, check it out. It’s quite advanced - so not a quick fix app. This is for taking the Rytm further, digging deeper.
Strom for iPad and Analog Rytm - First Look - YouTube

The OP-1 is a still a completely unrivalled machine. Even three years (is it?) after release, nobody has even tried to beat it, right? Or if they have, it’s so far off the mark it’s not even worth to compare. It’s that good.
You’re also mentioning the Electribe as a companion to the OP-1. This tells me a little bit about your taste. It’s a clean and sleek sounding machine, where the OP-1 is a whacky little fellow, with a totally cool sampler. I think the OP-1 could be a healthy companion to the clean Electribe. To give it an unexpected kick in the side, he he.

Go with your gut feeling. The right synth for you is the one that feels like an extension to your own style, taste and imagination. Search your feelings :wink:

Thx a lot for your post @cuckoo, appreciate :slight_smile:

Why did you say the OP-1 is limited when synced ?

I’m planning to pick up the new Electribe myself, it looks great. It really does seem like the op-1 and electribe can do some beautiful damage, I’m banking on it (3-way with ipad).

P.S. I thought it looked plastic, but the electribe is sporting a metal case!

With the OP-1 you can only have one current "LIVE" drummachine/sampler/synth that you can play/sequence/tweak or add effects to.
Then you have 4 other "Backing Tracks" that are fixed because they are recorded to tape but you can use mutes.
The overall output from the "LIVE" and "Backing Tracks" can have effects added too.

The OP-1 definitely ISN'T a Groovebox.
A Groovebox suggests to me something like an Electribe/OT/A4/MonoMachine where you can have multiple tweakable live channels that you can play with, mute etc.

OP-1 is a great tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Some people "get it" and some people don't - the latter are the one's you'll see getting sold on eBay because everyone that loves the OP-1 will hang onto it forever.

@quarantequatre = FR ?

Check AF. Clique sur le bouton vert tout en bas (me prévenir…) Et viens vérifier régulièrement.
That’s how I got mine. The cap of the volume knob is gone, but I don’t mind. Or I would have changed it already.

@cuckoo + @spacetravelmadeeasy it’s very nice the way you say it :slight_smile:
Are there mushrooms in Sweden ?

@spacetravelmadeeasy yep this is not “only” a groovebox, I think there’s some capabilities of a groovebox.

@LyingDalai Yep FR, i’m looking at AF everydays, but I’ve found unused OP-1 almost the same price than a used one in France… So I’m checking if I can buy it without fu*$#$in’ custom fees. And I think @Cuckoo is from Norway ^^


Mushrooms exists in sweden =)

Don’t expect that it will be easy to sync.

@quarantequatre Limited in synch… I guess I mean what @spacetravelmadeeasy said. It’s not a groove box with tweakable trigs. So in that sense it’s a weak choice. It’s still awesome though for a lot of other reasons :slight_smile: