Side chain effect in liveset

Hi guys,

I’ve been looking for a long time for some type of effect that gives me the opportunity to use side chain in my live-set with out having to bring the computer with me.

Is there any stand alone, or som type of effect processer that could solve this problem? Typically I need it for my guitar live with MIDI från the DJ-mixer triggering the effect. Actually, all I’m after is the ducking effect…

i use a compressor and an eq pedal w/ everything but the lows cut plugged into the sidechain (its easier for me this way, but if u have the ability to send just the kick (or whatever ur using) u don’t need the eq)

theres a ton of compressors out there w/ side chain inserts. racks, half racks, pedals.


That sounds interesting. I´ve seen the empress compressor with trigger input, but nothing with MIDI. Any tips on that?

i don’t know much about doing it w/ midi. the empress compressor is really nice had that one for a while. there are a lot of cheaper options too.

Okey nice. I've been looking at the empress for a while, and I could use that then asign a kick or something from the op/po:s that triggers the side chain. Again, I'm new to this stuff, so if you know any other good options with or without MIDI I would love to hear about them! Thanks in advice.

yea thats the basic idea. u might wanna check out fmr audio for some half racks.

most rack compressors, even some gates have a side chain insert. dbx, alesis, all that stuff. its pretty common. pedals not so much.

the micro granny is the only thing i know of that has a midi side chain function, which basically just has a midi note retrigger the attack envelope on the sample.

Buy the MX-1. It’s small, lightweight, and has a host of cool features in addition to your specific requirement.