Site Upgrades / Error Reports

we are running a few updates

Site will go down in 15 minutes.

…And we’re back up.

If you encounter any errors on the site, please let us know in this thread.

I just had to reset my password.not sure if it was coincidence.

I also had to reset my password to get back on.

Password reset for me too.

Same same
And mobile navigation seems faster ! Didn’t tried on desktop.

Password reset here too. Everything else ok.

I also had to reset my password.

Had to reset my password too.

Won’t let me update my profile picture; it says, “Whoops! There was an error.”

I checked, and also cannot update my profile picture

@admin can anyone tell me the email for my account “grumpysnorlax” I cant get into my account using my password and I can’t find the email I used for the account.

had to reset my password too.
liking the new markdown box

having trouble uploading pics as images or files.

shrunk their size down in photoshop and still failing to upload

Super minor nit picky issue, but the favicon is gone after the update. I only mention it because it is easier to find the right tab when you have 10’s of tabs open.

favicon gone here on firefox, mac as well.

any chance this forum could be migrated to Discourse? It currently uses Vanilla, but I think Discourse is a much better forum platform.

It’s e.g. used on or


As has been mentioned before, cannot upload/change a profile picture. (or upload the screen shot that shows the “whoops there was an error” box that comes up when you try and do so). So yeah, two bug reports of problems mentioned before that still seem to exist.