Slightly discoloured bit on screen? Problem?

Wow, a very different looking site! Hadn’t been able to log in for ages, so much appreciated all the work that has gone into this.

It’s been a while since I’ve made much use of my OP-1 - in fact my studio is now 1/3rd the size, have moved house and cut down significantly on kit after having to get a normal 9-5 job (actually 7-7 with commute… how do people cope!). Unpacked it, and there’s an area of the screen that is slightly yellowed.

At first I thought it was maybe diffraction from a scratch or something, but it looks like the OLED has discoloured on a localised area. Everything else works perfectly. The patch is slightly yellow/brown and comes up across the tape lines and into the tape spool. On the self-test you can see it looks like the internal films have delaminated…

Has anyone else encountered this, and will it get worse or just stay this way? It’s not an electrical failing, but it is very odd looking - trying to work out if I should secure a replacement display.

This is basically how it looks. If I focus the camera the effect is lessened in the picture, but this is how it appears to look at in real life, if you see what I mean.

Given how little I’ve used the OP, the last thing I want is for it to deteriorate as well. I do take care of it at least!

I’m actually wondering if when cleaning the keys, despite being careful, a drip of water has gone through and landed on the screen. I’ve always cleaned it with a very lightly damp and wrung out bit of kitchen roll then dried off…

You can see the kind of mark under the LCD protector here… I’m loathe to strip the OP-1 to see if it is a mark on the OLED itself, but it does look that way!

So I gave in and opened up the OP-1 just to be sure it wasn’t something that had somehow spilled inside the screen - of course, I’ve never spilled anything on it, but that nagging doubt…

Anyway - it’s not a mark on the OLED, it must be something that happens to these displays over time :frowning:

On the plus side, I now know how to open an OP-1 carefully, and I got to see the writing inside and the little red LED that lights up when you switch it on!

Other Rev. 1 owners may want to keep an eye on their screens, though.

I’ve located a source of replacement screens and may well get a couple (shipping is as much as a screen, so two means if one has any issues there’s a second one to try!).

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