Slow transfer times

Transferring around 300mb of samples intp my Field and OSX is telling me 2-3 hours of time. Is this due to come conversion on the OP-!f side slowing things down?

I was having an issue backing up over MTP in OSX last night. Turns out one of the samplers I had loaded was causing a hang-up, forcing me to restart the field a few times. Once I discovered that, I loaded a factory preset in its slot and then it allowed me to copy everything over.

Sometimes MTP feels like a USB1.1 thumb drive from 15 years ago and sometimes it’s fast. I really hope they improve the MacOS driver for it.

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Thanks - ended up being 20min instead of 2 hours - but still slow as 1997 :crying_cat_face:

I’ve also been experiencing that some folders are removed after transferring. I’m guessing this is because I’m trying to transfer more than the 256mb ram? and then the op-1 automatically deletes whatever it can’t fit into memory?