So what exactly is the Op-Z???

I don’t get it? It looks like an OP-1 but using and Ipad or Phone as the screen? Functionally is it the same?

Help yourself to this -

And if you wanna know more, this is a good place to start. All 168 comments worth. I’m sure if you asked any further questions on this thread, you’ll be answered promptly

Ah cool, haven’t known it still has TAPE on the OP-Z, great!

@mixrasta yes, but only as an additional effect / sound source. It will only allow recording and playback of short audio snippets.

the new tape feature is probably one of the coolest sonic features of the OP-Z. imagine a short snippet of tape secretly recording every thing that is programmed in the sequencer – all in realtime. and with its own dedicated track it's possible to sequence the tape, trig the in-point, length and speed. OP-Z will come with a range of tape reels with unique character and functions. scrub, scratch, wind-up and mess-up!