Some help in samples - click noise


i’m new here, i received my OP-1 last week, and i’m totally in love.

I thought i would have a tons of questions after receiving the OP-1 but i find out is even more intuitive an logical than i thought.

One of the first things i’ve done with my OP-1 it was to copy some samples to the drum and Synth folder by usb.

I made for the Drum, a double bass kit, i edited one .aif mono 16-bit 44100HZ sound file with 24 real double bass sound notes.

I also tried with only single note in synth but is not the same result.

The double bass on drum Kit is awesome!

But i have an issue. The bass notes like the first F makes a little click noise in the end of the sample.

I tried everything, using the fine tune in point and outpoint, several settings and i still hear that click in the end of the sample.

I noticed that in other samples, that click, but some of them i can resolve with tune or fine tune in the waveform.

Anyone have experienced this kind of issues and know how to solve it?

Other question… How many samples i can upload to OP-1… or how many space i have available to place my samples, in user folders, inside drum and synth?

Many Thank,
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Hey @tide, that double bass kit sounds awesome :slight_smile: Would you be up for sharing it?

Regarding the click, if your sample end point chops off some audio, even really quiet audio, then you can sometimes get a click. If it’s just one or two notes that have this problem, I’d be tempted to load those notes into audacity and do a quick fade out to silence at the very end of the sample and then rebuild the kit and transfer it to the op-1 again. (Have you discovered the VST plugin that helps you build the kits? - dead useful). Often you can get past these issues by fine tuning the end point, but it sounds like you tried that already.

Thanks @Yoof

I can share it, but after i repair the problem! You were right! The problem was the source!

I used the OP-1 Drum Utility to build the Kits and as i only can use only 0.5 second for each note i had to cut the end of each note… and like you said that is the problem, i listened the kit in the computer and the click is also there! I will make as you told me to do, a quick fade!

I will try to post here the kit, what is the best way to do it?

The other question about How many samples i can upload to OP-1… or how many space i have available to place my samples, in user folders, inside drum and synth? i read all the manual and or i miss that part or there is no information about that.

^ Check here:

@yoof Now is perfect Many Thanks!!!

Thanks @punji . We can delete the 8 presets in the user folder inside drum and synth to have more space?

Nice one @tide :slight_smile:

Alas, we can’t delete the 8 presets.


I know this thread is very old but I think I could help by posting the solution I found for this problem.
Or at least almost the same problem because this click/pop sound at the end of loud sounds occurs on my brand new OP-Z, but I assume there are a lot of things that are similar, and the problem is exactly the same.

I became crazy hearing these very annoying noises on day 2, but after comparing things, the problem comes from the enveloppe shape!

Original (factory) kicks sounds come with a very sharp enveloppe, with no delay on attack and release (100% abrupt), + beginning and ending at the very beginning and at the very end of the enveloppe window. This is fine, no click/pop.

But as soon as you shorten the release of the kick (red line being more on the left), while still being 100% abrupt/vertical, a click/pop appears (for my unit)!

The solution if you need this shorten release time (red line) is to ad juuust a little bit of incline on this red line!
Same for the attack if you have click on it too.

I hope this will be useful for someone else! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s my first message on this forum, I just signed up for posting this message.
I’m Guillaume, nice to meet you! And I already love my OP-Z even if it’s already slightly curved and that I had this click problem (but solved it).

Happy 2023 to all of you!