Sound of gravity waves

What a great discovery !
Love it :slight_smile: thx @dimi3

Will ‘Gravity Waves’ overtake ‘NYC’ as the most over-used song title?

Pretty cool stuff, I guy I work with helped build the receiver that is used by JPL to do this. I was impressed they can get the reading.

Very exciting.
I managed to record the sound from radio to computer.Got the full news report, which will be fun to mangle.

Just to be clear, there is no sound made by gravity waves. The sound sample shared by the National Science Foundation is the measurement of spacetime stretching over time as the gravity waves pass through their LIGO detector, translated into a waveform in the audible range. Just a way to make the concept a bit more tangible for people. Really cool though.

The text excerpt, but particularly the embedded NYTimes video, provides a wonderful explanation: