Sound quality issue

This may have been discussed earlier but I though I’d share. This morning I switched on my OP-1 and it just sounded…utter crap. All the synth engines, tape…everything. The output volume was very low, too, not matter I turned it to max. The sound quality dropped to like 1 bit…frankly, I didn’t want to believe my ears. Normal reboots didn’t help so I did a factory reset and now the synth sounds as it was meant to. Any thoughts on what may cause this issue? I wouldn’t want to run into a situation like this on stage. Any hints or advice will be much appreciated.

You probably had an effect on in the mixer menu or something.

how much battery did you have?
I figured out that sometimes the sound quality goes down when the battery is low, and sometimes even things stop to work then.

What karbonckel said. You probably just forgot an effect on the master… happens

@karbonckel @Erhenius. Thanks guys…it must have been the master effect…yesterday I switched the OP-1 for the kids to have a little fun with it and while doing so they must have dug deep into the fx functions. :slight_smile: I should have checked but I rarely use the master fx myself…anyway, all good now, thanks again for the hints.