speaker occasionally not working

have any of you ever experienced any issues with the built in speaker not working? i’m 99% of the time either hooked up to monitors or headphones, but sometimes i just unplug and walk to the bedroom and jam a bit before passing out. recently i unplugged from the monitors and took it back and the speaker didn’t make a sound. volume was up, the indicator lit up when i struck notes and i got signal when plugging in my headphones. happened twice ;O.

it was on of the xmas bundles with the urban ears headphones that i received new about 2 months ago.

any thoughts?

I just experienced the similar thing the other day.

I turned my OP-1 on (as usual), volume knobs on, LED lit… but no sound coming out of the OP-1 speaker.
I turned it off and on again, then I can hear the sounds.
Probably a little bug or glitch… I don’t know.

Haven’t happepened to me yet but I read stories here describing the same phenomenon. I also remember some conlusions about the i/o board being the culprit… am sure the op1ers directly involved will be chiming in…

This happened to me the other day. I damned near had a heart attack >.> And the thought of rage-quitting actually crossed my mind lol…

How is the sound quality on the built-in speaker?

I picked up a display model OP-1 at a local guitar shop and I’m concerned that the speaker was abused. There’s a lot of crackling going on, even at low to mid volume. Is that normal?

Also, hi. I just joined, and am thrilled that there’s a community for this magical little machine.

Did you try other patches? Or they might have the Drive cranked. To check, press the Mixer button (looks like 4 vertical bars, next to the ‘1’ beneath the screen), then press ‘4’ beneath the screen, and adjust with the White knob.

It’s definitely more pronounced with crunchier patches and effects, which is to be expected for such a tiny speaker. I’m using headphones exclusively so it’s not a big deal.

Does yours sound crisp in most situations?

I wouldn’t say it’s hifi, and certainly lacks bass, but it doesn’t sound distorted. That one probably just spent most of its life cranked to be heard over the loud ass music store environment.

this happened to me today too after charging overnight. using stock toy patch…no sound. changed patches…no sound. turned off & on, and speaker working again…