Stereo Line IN

Hey operators,

I’m looking for a stereo line in adapter for my iphone. I found some mono stuffs, but can’t find anything stereo :(.

Do you know if it’s possible to find something like that ?

TY Operators !

I tried that, did NOT work although in theory I thought it would :frowning:

Also interested in a working stereo solution

Yes I tried too ^^ and that was a failure :D…Because the apple thing (and others) needs a TRRS to TRS connection, there’s some special solderings inside ^^

And I’ve only found mono adapters, or there’s more powerful interfaces, but pretty expensive, and they uses the lightning connection.

It would be perfect to be able to do this via the JACK !

edit: kvconnection answer me about that, they said
“Smart phones only have a mono input so stereo is not possible.”

Yep. Gotta shell out for an interface. I’ve been traveling with one of those handheld digital recorders with the built in microphones. I’ll dub tape stuff over to it and just log the BPM to pull over to a DAW later. Tedious (well, real-time), and carrying another device. But, I can also use it as a sampling microphone for the OP1, so that’s a plus.

I couldn’t find one either. the USB dongle I found only had a mono in. Needs a whole interface for 2ch :expressionless:

Get a Behringer UCA202 or UCA222 for £20.

@ghostly606 How do you plug it on the phone ?


Is any operator here has an iRig 2 ? Is this a stereo input ?

I’ve found the Focusrite iTrack Pocket seems to be a nice alternative too.

irig is mono input. see the 3 rings on the plug? 1 for input, 2 for output.

Line6 SonicPort. Works nice. Used it in this video recording direct to iPad (some video edits done with iMovie):

Oh yeah @motone great thanks ! I’m gonna look for this