Stereo Sampling?

I was wondering if anyone has modded or hacked the OP-1 so that it can sample in stereo? This is the ONLY reason I haven’t bought the OP-1 yet.

It doesn’t have stereo sampling, but you could record one track panned left and one track panned right to get stereo imaging.

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I don’t think that could be considered stereo as there would be no phase shift between L en R.

If you pan say Track 1 full left and T2 full right (Mixer screen, Shift + encoder) you’ll have a stereo image.
What you record on T1 and T2 will have an impact: if it’s exactly the same content with no phase shit, of course it will be centered.
But if there are slight differences, it will obviously sound stereo.
Best example is when you record twice the same bass, it’s pretty hard to replicate exactly the same sound.

I quite enjoy doing the double-track thing. Can get quite interesting with percussion if Bass n Drums are cantered.