Stereo Synth Engines

What do you all make of this? Seems pretty uncommon? So we might get sounds like OP1 synth through master fx? but instead of needing the master fx to get stereo like OP1, it is built in? How game changing is this if at all? I am struggling to find similar existing examples.

“Does the OP-Z have the same synth engines as the pocket operator series…? When is OP-Z scheduled to ship…?”– Random person
"The OP-Z has synth engines inspired from the OP-1 and the PO-series, by they are tweaked a bit to fit into the OP-Z universe."TE

"thanks for clarification.!" – Random person

"The OP-Z is the first synth from teenage engineering and the first synth I do that has stereo synth engines, so we are able to use a few new techniques."TE