Stereo Tips/How to integrate with DAW

Hey guys, not sure how this works so i’m just starting a new discussion, my apologies if anything has already been addressed. I’ve been a long time producer on Logic Pro X (check out if you want to listen/give feedback), and I got my OP-1 about a month ago. I’ve learned a good amount of its basics, so now i’m looking for ways to complete some of my ideas. The biggest issue i’m having is with its mono recording, with the 4 track limitation i’ve been struggling to widen certain things, especially drums and samples. I was looking for any tips to make the OP-1 sound fuller and complete when doing live performances with it, or rendering to album.

On top of stereo tips, I was wondering how people integrate the OP-1 with their DAW. I want to use it as a tool with Logic, but I’m unsure of the best/possible ways to do so. I’ve been creating loops or ideas and recording them directly through into my audio interface’s line in, but that feels forced and the quality seems to be lower. I’ve been getting great drum ideas and great sample chops, but i haven’t been satisfied with their quality and fullness. If anyone has any tips or general help in this field, i’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks everyone!

well i must say i have had much joy due to the simplicity of overdubbing & layering sounds especially if using more than 1 track for drum parts - rather than recording a beat in one take you can make several passes of the same drum pattern over 2 tracks & maybe add reverb to some elements or swap out some drum sounds or offset sounds so get pingpong or could duplicate a whole beat to another track & nudge it a few ms & pan, - at times really does require complete disregard for conventional multi-tracking & if you plan to export for further processing/mixing you would not want certain elements together on the same track. to create/ arrange/ perform i think sky is the limit.
only wish (dreaming here i know!!!) that the vinyl mastering had better integration for performing i.e could be paused & cued during recording & playback to create a set plus ability to play tape track whilst vinyl is playing with maybe a simple option to either ‘blend’ ‘crossfade’ or ‘switch’ between the two sources.

Awesome man, thanks for answering. I’m gonna try that stuff out, and yes that type of feature would be awesome in the vinyl master. Maybe they’ll add it.