Still Plugging- New Song Included

Hello Again,

Thanks to the kind response on here for my last upload I though I'd share my next song. Although I primarily lurk here, I find this one of the most positive and engaging forums to visit, it has a nice vibe with no nastiness so it makes it easy to make a post and put your musical creations out there for feedback.

I've revived the original post to avoid overcrowding the forum.

Again it's a song to help kids learn but I tried to put an original spin on the subject matter. This time its the month of the year song. Which is a tricky subject matter to come up with a song for!

The initial demo version was made on the OP-1(in bed) and the lyrics I came up with whilst in the shower :). It's pretty simple song with a 1,4,5 chord progression, but I think for this type of song minimal is better:)

This time in theme with less is more, I made the entire final arrangement in Logic, using an Acoustic Guitar sample, Medieval Flute and Harpsichord and Harp with a simple percussion line and only a little EQ and compression to even out the sound. The vocals were my son, The Bard, my husband the Castle Guards, and myself The Fat Princess (generous reverb and autotune applied!!!!).

This time the most time consuming thing was the video, I think the entire project took well over 30 hours.

As always your feedback would be very kindly appreciated and if you're on Youtube a thumbs up and comment there would be fantastic as it helps the song climb the search rankings and be found by others who may take educational benefit from it.

Hi, i've been a lurker here for around a year or so but this is my first post. Mainly because its the first time I've actually managed to complete something to show off!
I own a few bits of hardware, i use the Op1 and Analog Keys as my sketch pads and finish my songs on Ableton or Logic.

The song I've linked here is from a new hobby/side project I've started. A non-profit educational youtube channel, where all the songs are ad free and there for the benefit of others.

My most recent upload, well second upload :), is a Count to 10 Song, Hillbilly Style. The original idea was conceived on the Op-1 which is fun as I can lay down vocals also, then further developed on the Octatrak before being finished off in Ableton via the Push 2. On vocals is my Husband doing his best Hillbilly whilst not being able to hide the Northern Irish accent :)

Anyway be kind as it's only the second song I've ever finished, I have a grave yard of partially completed songs.

The video was done using Adobe Character Animator, I only learned the animation side of things in the last month so it may not quite be Pixar quality :)

Haha, nice job. I’ll let you know what my kids think :wink: I’m learning abobe character animator and after effects atm. Fun software!

I think the animation is brilliant! Very South Park-y. I too will be testing it out on my kids. :slight_smile:

If I can perhaps go a little off-topic (actually it is on topic as it is also a shameless plug!), I posted a fun short film I made with my kids one Saturday afternoon, from conception to Youtube in 2 hours. The score comes from the OP1 (factory finger sequences actually haha).


@ ghostlyI'll wait with baited breath to see the continuation of the Dr Evil saga ha ha

It'll be interesting to see what you're kids think of the videos, it's hard to keep their attention which is why I tired to get as much variety and scene changes in as possible.

@Callofthevoid : Character animator is fun, especially sitting and acting out the characters expressions like a lunatic in front of the computers web cam :)

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