Stop recording after out

Hello, is there any way to automatically turn off record mode after the out mark has been hit? I am recording my curcuit into my op1 and I was off by 1/4 of a second and now I have to re-record. It seems like there should be a way to do this instead of relying on people to try to hit stop exactly on time, since if you end it too early, then you also have to re-record. Thanks.

I usually hit play on the beat, or just stop playing… Some happy accidents can occur with the decay going back to the 1…

When you want precision , it can work well to turn loop off while recording, but then the scissor can give you pops and clicks. I think those are about the extent of your options for this.

Ah, okay thanks. Seems like it’d be an easy thing to program. Wish they allowed mods :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s just a few things that I would really like I’m the only one to change. Naming Presets, deleting Presets, clicking the knobs in to reset parameters. Just those three simple things alone I think would make it so much better. but it is what it is, and I still think it’s awesome like it is, so I try not to dwell on the things I like to change

What I’ve been doing is what’s suggested above, turning loop off & recording past the loop point… no pops & clicks at all. When I first got the Op-1 the pops & clicks were horrible, but it didn’t have the newest os. Once I updated the os, no pops & clicks. I’ve even been recording drones & sounds that need loop mode on & I still don’t get pops & clicks…at least not yet…I’ve only filled 1 tape up since I got the newest os… I’m assuming you have the newest os… but it blew my mind how much better it got once I updated the os. Went from pops & clicks on every single beat to not a single pop & click. So happy.

I have the newest OS. That is a really great idea about resetting params with a knob click. I will just record past and change the end point. Thanks for the advice.

I still get mad Ps&C’s… Maybe less than before, but very present.

You’re welcome, hope it helps. Enjoy <3

Maybe I just got lucky… I mean, I only filled up 1 tape since updating the os. But was surprised, not a single pop/click. Hhhmmmm… I wonder if it depends on the audio level & frequencies at the loop point. Goin to lunch in 10 minutes, gonna test it out.

I think it may be down to how you use them, like recording in loop mode or other variables… Maybe how much Drive is used and amplifying the quieter pops… Maybe?

@Spheric_El said:
I think it may be down to how you use them, like recording in loop mode or other variables… Maybe how much Drive is used and amplifying the quieter pops… Maybe?

Yeah man that’s a good point I tend to have quite a lot of Drive too

I thought of that last night too, I didn’t have drive up that high, I normally have it around 15 -20 & release at like 5. I think effects, like delay & reverb can affect it too; last night I added delay to a synth, left loop on, I heard a click while recording, but once I turned recording off it went away.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy I’m not experiencing pops/clicks, I just like trouble shooting & honestly I thought the newest os fixed the issue, but apparently not. I agree that it probably depends on what you’re doing & the sounds/effects you’re working with…I just haven’t come across it yet. Found some great work arounds in this forum tho when I WAS experiencing massive amounts of pops/clicks on the old os.