Storage Full and Endless

Hello all,

I put in 12MB of samples and when I get info on the storage it says I have 125 MB left. When I try to make a snapshot it says full. My question is does the OP-1 really have 512 usable space? With 512MB one can technically have tons of samples considering a synth sample is 530k. Maybe I am missing something?

Also can one store Presets for Endless?

Thank you!

Tape and album use that storage.

Thanks Lymtronics but I have 125MB left.

there is a limit to the number of patches u can store that is separate from the amount of disk space you will see.

also its not possible currently to store presets for endless.

I´d love to see TE modify the OS in order to use the album and tape storage space to save patches in a dynamic way (like reduction of tape and album space as you use it for patches)

Thank you for the replies!

if u had the option to remove/replace the preset patches, i think you’d have plenty more space to save patches right there. seems like a no-brainer to me.

I have issues with this as well. I can only save a combined 30 or so samples and patches even when I have no drum samples and a tape that isn’t full. I don’t understand either.

Same here.
I also believe, that a change in the architecture of presets and patches would really improve the experience.Especially user ability to delete the factory presets, AND a way to save all sequencer settings. These two things would change the productivity for me tremendously.