Strange Power Button Issue


Hoping you can help. I am seeing a strange issue with my Op-1 related to the power slide switch. If I slide it, everything turns on fine like it is supposed to, but if I touch the power button at all (or anywhere near it). The whole thing reboots on me. I am not sliding the switch at all and it only seems to take the slightest touch to trigger the issue.

Has anyone seen this before? Any advice?

I opened a ticket with support, but thought I should check here too.


maybe the switch just needs a blast of electronics cleaner or compressed air?

mine has gotten a lil funky at times over the years. this clears it right up


When I first got mine it did this. Think it’s just a little bit of grit/dust in the switch. I fixed mine by continually switching it on and off but doing so slowly and ‘grinding’ the switch (if that makes sense?) - like pushing against it and moving it to slide it but also sideways kinda too.
Has never happened since (2+ years).

As the doc says you could try some compressed air too.

I’d raised a ticket with TE and they thought it might be to do with the switch not travelling fully to the ON position and it was maybe the thickness of the paint on the OP-1 around the switch that wasn’t allowing switch to travel full distance. They suggested using a craft knife to scrape away some of the paint to allow it to travel just that little extra distance.
THANKFULLY I never did this and it seems it wasn’t the case of the paint it was hopefully just dust in the switch.

Thanks. Didn’t do the compressed air, because I didn’t have any around. But a ton of on and off switching seemed to have worked.