Strings Engine Clicks

Whenever I use Strings with an applied effect, it gives out a nasty click on each key press. Does that happen for everyone? Interestingly, it is something that goes to audio output only, so the tape recording is not affected.

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Yeah made a couple of nice strings patches with fx that I really like but they’re very clicky. Especially if play quickly in polyphonic. Can’t remember exactly what fx. Haven’t recorded them on anything yet so that’s good to know that tape doesn’t have the clicks/pops. I guessed it was an envelope thing but they would be on the tape then too right? Be interested to hear why the clicks aren’t there when recorded to tape and if maybe that means there’s a method of getting rid of them with altogether levels/routing etc?

adsr are supposed to POP in some settings.

string is also a little buggy imo.

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dsynth too

This issue still persists unfortunately. Its very annoying, especially when you want to play live :frowning_face: