Sync and record simultaneously?

With the new OS, can I send a sync signal to a Microbrute and record its sequence back into the OP-1 at the same time?

You def could try it…maybe you have to amplify the sync signal for the microbrute, but i would just try it.

You can record the mb via line in on tape, no problem…

Just got this cable in the mail.
It works great for syncing POs while recording to Op1 using headphones. They’re referred to as “DJ Splitters” (LR>LL/RR) and are designed for DJ apps. It’s not a stereo doubler (LR>LR/LR) and it not a stereo to 2 mono splitter (LR>L0/0R)


Ordered, thanks!

“DJ Splitter” Update:

Cable works great with POs and Volcas using 3.5mm TRS cables to sync and monitor. Super stoked on that. Getting it to clock my Eurorack was a bit trickier. Using a 3.5TS cable causes the sync signal to bleed into the audio side of the splitter (No bleed when using TRS). Also, The sync signal needs to be amplified. It wouldnt work strait in a clock input, even when using a 3.5TRS to 2 TS splitter instead of the “DJ” cable. I had success going from the sync out of the “DJ Splitter” using a Hosa 3.5TRS to single 1/4"TS cable into the 1/4" input of a Pittburgh Modular INOUT, amplified and then 3.5TS out to a clock. Fun stuff. I’m loving the syncing options added in the last update.

Overall, the cable is great for mobile sync and recording with POs and Volca. As for syncing my euro and other gear at home, I’m gonna give one of the MIO4s a try.