Sync Issues

What would the settings on the POs need to be to not hear an audible clicking?

I have 4 PO’s connected via a L/R audio splitters with the left feeding back into the next PO in the chain and the right going into a little mixer and the output of that going to my pc.

However no matter what i try i can always hear what i can only assume is the click track. I can hear the notes played on the PO’s fine.


Any ideas before i throw all this shit on ebay/record everything separately.

I had issues with this when using the cables provided by TE. It is not quite the same setup as you have as they were connected directly to each other. But the problem ended up being faulty cables. I would try them one by one and see what you get.

Are you sure you selected the right mode for each PO?

I am not sure what was the right mode was nothing i did seemed to make a difference.

I swapped the cables about so now the reds are reversed with the whites and set the first to sync 1 and the rest to sync 5. It seems to work… I could have sworn i read that the PO’s outputted the click track on the left channel. Unless these cheap ass cables are backwards :confused:

The mode should definitely make a difference. PO-12 needs to be in mode SY1. The others in SY3.
See here: