sync issues

hi there,

i seem to be having major issues with sync after recording a phrase.
my steps:

1. set tempo for op1
2. make in/out points for timeline in tape mode on track 1
3. make a beat with the sampler and the grid pattern seq
4. go to tape mode and hold record
5. hit key to start playing sequence (beat match is on)
6. sequence appears to record fine
7. playback of sequence - sequence falls out of sync slowly, even with in/out points defined from step #2

has anyone come across this?
are there things i can troubleshoot???

Hi @grehn.
Make sure you have White turned fully clockwise in the Pattern sequencer page. This sets number of steps to 16.

OK, I’ll check that.

sync with what?

Hi again,

I took a hard look at what was happening, and I think that my sequence was either 15 steps, or that there was something wrong with my clocking situation between pieces of gear. I’ll post back if I need to, but at this point I’m convinced it was user error. Thanks a lot to Spheric_El for the suggestion; appreciated the nudge to troubleshoot further.