Sync pocket operators

Hi wondered if anyone had trouble synching the PO33 KO?. I have made a click track on the opZ and tried various sync modes and connected them with a good stereo cable. The PO33 is set to sync but never starts playing. I have done so many combinations reset the PO33 and tried so many different ways but absolutely no luck.
Very frustrating! Is there anything I can do to check

u need a pretty loud click for things to trigger
maybe try amplifying?

also are u panning the click track all the way left?
u want the click on the left (tip) of the cable

Hi thanks yes the click is panned on the left and the sound is as loud as the OP-Z will go. The click track is from son wu’s video link and seems good to me.

Tried a louder source and it worked thanks! Having big problems with faulty po33 on my third one now and this one has a fault on button 5 anyone else having issues?