Sync problem with PO-33 as master SY01, clock signal disappear when playing samples live


I just received my PO-33, and after trying to sync with another PO, I ran into a problem. When I set the PO-33 as the master with SY01 and I try to play a sample live, the clock signal only is present when a sample is playing, when the sample stop playing, the clock signal disappears. And what seems strange to me, this does not happen if I have the mini jack input connected even with sync mode SY01, is this behavior normal with the PO-33?

that doesn’t sound like normal behavior but i just tried it on my 33 just to mkae sure

once i press play on the sequencer the clock signal sends continuously regardless of what else i do
play samples live over the time etc etc

It only happens when the sync mode is SY01, it is in play, and the pattern is empty, then changing an instrument and playing live make the clock signal disappears, when the pattern has some notes it seems to work normally.

yea i get the same thing too if the pattern is empty
seems like u stumbled upon a bug

So it is not just my PO-33, it is a very specific combination that produces this problem and there are workarounds to solve this, but it is good to know that my PO is not faulty.