Synching 2 PO's

When synching 2 PO’s, am I supposed to be able to hear the audio of the master? The master controls the speed of the slave just fine, but I cannot hear the master through the slave. I ony hear the slave.

The example I see in the provided documentation is for synching 3 PO’s. But I only have 2 :).

So in summary, Is synching 2 PO’s pointless?

Did you set the first PO to SY1 and the second to SY4?

Yes. I have a Sub and Factory, and Ive tried each as master (SYS1) and the other as slave (SYS4) yet I only hear the slave.

Just to be sure, you are using stereo cables and the master volume is above zero, right?

Also, have you tried to switch the POs position (master/slave) to confirm the problem is still there?

Punji, the way that you are asking questions leads me to believe that indeed I SHOULD be able to hear the master through the slave. I didnt increase the volume of the master, I keep them at BPM-4 to avoid blowing my ears off.

WAIT! I just researched and found the patch cables are mono. How. Embarrassing.

Thanks for your help, punji.