synchronization problem

Hi everyone, I’m desperate! I’m syncing my op1 with an elektron analog four via oplab.
the analog four is inserted in the midi in, of the oplab.
as a proof I recorded a kick on the op1 and a bass on the analog four and after a short time after the play the kick is late on the bass !!
what can I do ? :s :s :s

Thank you

Switch it around so the OP1 is master. The problem stems from the fact that tempo normally fluctuates a little, and even if the OP1 detects a different tempo on the MIDI in, the tape loop points do not change, only the indicators change where the loop points would have to go. So over time the accumulated offset becomes audible. I have “good days and bad” with this, but ultimately it’s not solvable in this firmware implementation. If the OP1 had the CPU power to readjust the loop points on the fly, the engineers should have done just that, at the cost of bringing up all kinds of other worms such as having to change the loop smoothing and who knows what else. I went to the trouble of buying an expensive external MIDI clock, which, while it improved all kinds of other sync, ultimately couldn’t solve this particular problem.

Thank you, I’ll try to ask if you can take advantage of the oplab chip to fix this problem, if you find any solution please let me know

I doubt there’s anything one can do short of reimplementing how the firmware loops.

To better grasp this, while the OP1 is synced and playing and looping, change the tempo of your master, and look at the tape loop points remaining the same in absolute time while the beat marks change positions. What you’re expecting is for the loop points to shift with the miniature tempo fluctuations, remain aligned to the beat markers, but they don’t.

What is the name of your MIDI clock? gets better ?

now I manage the problem by playing a crash with delay, I click stop on the analogfour, at the same time I click 2 times stop on the op1 and I click play on the analogue, so that it starts again via transpose also the op1

e-rm multiclock
as i said, try with your OP1 as master

i don’t midi sync a ton, but as been stated, op1 as master i’ve experienced little to no issues.

How long into an, ummm “sync session”(??) does it start falling out of time?
I typically use a 707 as master which is notorious for bouncing around tempo in the .1/tenth decimal range and still don’t experience OP-1 getting out of time. This is using a Kenton midi/usb box.

I set the OP-1 as master, now I see the bpm on the analog four continuously vary. Unfortunately, the problem is still there. By ear the delay I feel it exactly after 4/4! now I try to install the update on the oplab again! how sad! :frowning:

Very sad and strange indeed, I’m leaning toward it being an OPLAB issue, as I think that’s the different factor from the others in this thread. Plenty others on here use one though so hopefully one of them will chime in.

Only thing I can suggest is to go usb direct into a daw and see if the DAW shows the same tempo fluctuation.

it seems to be the fault of oplab, I would like to try with a factory reset, but I can not find the procedure anywhere, do you know how to do it?

Sorry, I’m completely unfamiliar with the OPLab, I’m not even sure if it would have a reset procedure outside of any possible firmware initialization. I guess if there are updates simply changing out the firmware version would in a sense be a factory reset.

friends, I banged my head against the oplab and I found the problem :slight_smile:
it was enough to record on the Op1 the track after which I cut the first and last pattern.

I did not understand it before because I always used the same test track on op1 to figure out what the problem was. I immediately thought of a clock error when instead I just recorded badly the patterns on the op1, thank you guys, good sound to all