Syncing OP-1 and PO-12 thru an iOS app that'd send click sync?

Just something I thought of, and I'm not sure if there's anything like an app for this, or if it's even remotely possible.

If I sync the OP-1 and an iPhone / iPad via USB midi (cable from iPhone to OP-1's USB port) and then run a cable from the iPhone's output to PO-12, is there an app that I could use to send click sync to the PO-12?

I just thought this MIGHT be a way to sync OP-1 + POs in an easy way, if there'd be an app for sending click. I'll try with just some app with a click panned all the way, and see what happens.

Please correct me if all this is just 100% idiotic :D.

SyncKontrol should do the work:
SyncKontrol should do the work:

The description makes no mention of midi clock via USB, and WIST doesn’t really with with OP-1. Maybe it still does send midi over USB? I guess I just have to find out.

SyncMix might be the prefect app actually! :slight_smile:

Modstep has a sync click option in the bpm options for this very purpose. Great app!

Good idea.
Anything with midi clock and audio.As long as we can sculpt a click ,with correct polarity.
Might try Xynthesizr.

I thought of trying Xynth, too, BUT my po-12 died on me, after just two days. Fine timing :D. Blank screen and nothing seems to help.

Even Loopy might suffice. Too bad Modstep’s iPad only.

I’ve just tried Xynth - to no avail on iPhone or iPad.

The PO-12 needs a really hot signal to sync. It also wants quite a low frequency note (anyone else found this?)

To get it to work at all, I had to amp up the signal from the iDevice. Even then, it wasn’t absolutely perfect.

I’ll be impressed if any of you come up with settings in Xynth that work reliably without further amplification.

I set the velocity max, removed all effects, removed LFO, removed second oscillator and tried all wave combos.

I do remember when syncing the PO-12 from Logic Pro X quite some time ago, that I had to add a gain of about +10db.


@cloudburst You need Modstep mate. :slight_smile:

Thanks @ghostly606 :slight_smile: Will give it a go!


@ghostly606 Jeez, Modstep will take a bit of getting used to I guess… Even finding the trigger signal option will probably be an adventure :smiley:

I think I’m looking for a simpler option than Modstep - and perhaps also a bit cheaper (for iOS).

So far:
Xynthesizr - works for MIDI sync to OP-1; audio output level not high enough to reliably trigger the PO-12; not free, but inexpensive and I had it anyway
Necklace - exactly the same findings as above
Trigger Box - doesn’t support MIDI; triggers the PO-12 perfectly and is really simple to get up and running straight away; also is free
Modstep - I’m put off by the complexity and price

Are there any other really simple one trick ponies that do both MIDI sync and audio click output on iOS - basically Trigger Box with MIDI support would be perfect.


Found Midiloop today,
With no demo available and no iPhone version the price is a bit too steep…

Which was the best app to do it finally?

I am thinking of buying either Syncmix or Midiloop, but it would be great to know which one works best before I do
Modstep has a sync click option in the bpm options for this very purpose. Great app!

Have you tried syncing with OP-1 with ModStep? See my thread on this site called ‘ModStep’.

The syncing seems buggy to me. If you have it working, please post in this thread!!

+1 Triggerbox. Wish it could read Link signal for tempo/sync