Syncing OP-1 with iPad running SAMPLR

Hi all,

Sorry newb question. From what I read on a 2014 post here, it is my understanding the OP-1 can be clock sync’d to an iPad running SAMPLR simply by connecting the two via mini-jack. I am planning to do this but before I buy an iPad, is this correct info?

It then sounds like I would connect the OP-1 to the iPad via headphone out to the iPad headphone out jack?

Sorry again if this was discussed in more details. I just couldn’t search well as I’m on my phone browsing the site.

I don't think just a mini-jack does it, but you can run the two at the same tempo and their clocks do not seem to drift noticeably.

Otherwise this has so far been the worst combo I've experienced, as both Samplr and the OP1 have somewhat sloppy timing when it comes to MIDI. Samplr will read MIDI. Users keeps waiting for the developer to update it to Link or something better for clocking, but at least MIDI is something. It won't send pulse sync to my knowledge, which is why jack-only-sync won't work. As for the OP1, it sends the wrong song position in MIDI when you start. With Samplr, from what I've seen sometimes it takes a bar or so to adjust its tempo to a foreign signal.

I guess I'm saying be prepared for anything.

Can highly recommend getting an iPad. Which one are you thinking of getting? You won't regret getting the Pro when you open Audiobus or AUM and have a few apps playing simultaneously and in sync. Lost hours in Loopy+Samplr+Hexaglyphics+TC-11+OP1 yesterday (The OP1 joins in just fine, especially if you have a capable USB audio interface with a stereo in.)

However, the only time I've been able to get steady timing on the OP1 was when I disconnected all USB so no MIDI, adjusted the tempo manually to match, and "monkey"-synced it by pressing Play on the beat. It's a pain in the arse with longer loops, but at least the OP1 didn't fall out of sync the way it does when it listens to MIDI. So yesterday I had it click and had Samplr click, and not using sync at all actually worked better.

I'd love to know your experience(s) with sync.

Thanks for the info eesn. So I ended up buying the iPad Pro anyway to experiment. I just downloaded SAMPLR as well. I ran out of time to work on it tonight but will try soon. Thanks for the heads up though…I guess this isn’t a stable pairing. But I will just use SAMPLR to manually trigger sounds and vocals then, should be ok for that. What a shame these two can’t play nicely as it would be awesome to have stable sync without hassle. Hopefully this can be fixed later.

Thanks for the info eesn. [...] What a shame these two can't play nicely as it would be awesome to have stable sync without hassle. Hopefully this can be fixed later.

But they can! Just don’t tempo-sync them for a start. Set the tempo to be the same and start/stop them in time, no safety net. Samplr can also quantize decently, so you’ll find a decent flow after a while.

edit: PS there's a new FM Drum app called "Frum". it hasn't got any sync or export just yet but, wow, you have to check it out, and the promo price is a nice surprise when you see the breadth of the app. I'm not affiliated, just very pleased. Can stop thinking about a Rytm for a good while now.