Synth mode - Looping sample after key release?

Hi guys,

I would like to know if I’m doing something wrong of if I’m trying to do is not possible on the OP-1.

I’m on synth mode, and I’m looping a part of a sample.

What I would like to achieve is to press and release the key, and have the said sample loop still playing and fading out. I played around with the ADSR parameters and made sure that the release was stretched out but the looped part doesn’t fade out after releasing the key.

Does this make sense?

The idea is to reproduce the SP-1200 trick of a fading horn sound very common in golden era hiphop.

I know the Digitakt can do it.

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks

PS: Now that I think of it I might have not set play mode correctly (red arrow top right of screen).


I don’t think this is possible on OP-1. People often ask about it for granular/wavetable style synthesis.

You can, to some extent, fade out a looping sample via Tremolo LFO, but you have to hold the keys. Set blue LFO param slightly right off zero, set white to -100, set red to rising ramp, set shift-red to square.

Thanks so much @Gambler that’s a great idea! I’ll try I out later today.