Synth tone change after recording to tape? Master EQ to blame?

Hi all,

After dabbling in some more nuanced genres with our beloved device I’ve noticed a strange change in tone after recording a synth/drum to tape.

I’m not talking about volume as discussed in a recent thread. (no panning, track levels set at 99.) I’m talking about equalization.

Only thing that seems to get me close to the original tone is to adjust the master EQ.
What confuses me is that when you turn the EQ to totally clean (orange knob CCW) you would expect the tone to be identical both during practice takes vs post recording on tape. For me its not though which is kinda weird.

Anyone have any tips on EQ settings to keep things sounding the same on both the tape and synth pages?

the master EQ is post tape pre album
so it seems unlikely it would be to blame?
since its not actually getting recorded or anything.
unless u use ear or record to album

where is your orange slider set on the tape screen?
maybe that is to blame?

otherwise, would suggest maybe a factory reset might cure what ails u

this is not something i’ve ever noticed IME

what type of tonal change r u experiencing?
is it always the same?

Could be tapespeed/quality related perhaps?

I can play a note in the synth screen and then record it (it sounds the same on the tape screen before recording). However, after recording there is a slight dullness in the high eq range of the sound. I can then adjust the EQ to correct the sound. That said shouldn’t all knobs CCW on the master EQ produce the most neutral sound?

I have no volume problems, each track is balanced @ 99 with orange slider adjusted to max volume without clipping. Appreciate the help.

I need to experiment with the tape speed in relation to this problem.
I am nearly always running between -2 to -8 on the tape. Its rare for me to record
out of playback speed and if I do I know that all bets are off in terms of tone.

Maybe master compressor? I’m on a mission now haha