T-Spark 18?

I’m trying to reverse engineer the drum and bass track that comes stock with op-z (project 4). My question is in the snare track. When I look at the step component on the last sequenced beat it says that it’s configured for t-spark 18. It took me a bit to figure out that this is really just t-spark pressed with number 1.

My question is what does this do? It seems to behave like t-spark 2, but alternating so that 2 and 1 (18) are never at the same time. Is this correct, and is there any reason it has the number 18 on the ios interface when 1 is set?

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Seems like is not value 1 but value 2 pressed twice when setting the step component, this means, as you guessed that it will spark the opposite time than just pressing 2.

When you set the last 3 step components (trigger spark and whatever) you can set different values if you press multiple times the black number keys. For example, if you set the trigger on value 3 pressing 3 once, then it will trigger every 3 loops, if you set it pressing 3 twice it will trigger the first loop and then ignore the next 2, if you press 3 three times it will trigger the first 2 loops and ignore the 3rd, and if you press 3 four times it will ignore the first loop and trigger the 2nd and third.
You’ll see the numbers flash, it helps understand visually.

As to why it says 18 or 19 or 53 I have no idea.


Is it to be found anywhere in the official documentation? I’ve been struggling with the spart components…

What exactly? the multiple pressing of a number for a step component? Not that I know of, but if you read my post and pay attention to the flashing numbers on the op-z you may get the gist of it, it’s really not that complicated once you see it.

Also be mindful that this multiple option of step component only applies to the last 3 (parameter, spark and trigger)

At any rate this is the specific page for Step components on the manual Step components, the synthdawg guide may give you more info, although I don’t think they expand much on this.

Also, if you have an specific doubt, just ask, we may be able to answer it.

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I get it now. My problem was getting inconsistent results in the pattern I was trying to use these step components in. As soon as I tried the last 3 step components in an empty fresh pattern, it all started to make sense. It’s actually pretty well implemented. Pity this feature is not documented in the manual.

Thanks for your help.


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