Tape machine and mixer fx suggestion

Wouldn’t it be good if you had some mix control of the tape machine into the main mix instead of having it globally on the stereo out.
If it had a mode for its own mixer channel with pre or post fx you could make some very interesting delay granular style fx.
If you also had a way of feeding the audio of fx1 into fx 2 and also gave the trrs input it’s own mixer channel with proper fx send you could have some amazing sequenced effects sort of like the Microcosm pedal.

Just a thought :thinking:

You can do both of those. Is this a troll post? The tape track can be mixed in and the input has a mixer channel that can mix in effects.

You can send the tape into the fx sends but you cant mix between the tape and its inputs levels.
The trrs input has a level input control but the fx are either all on or off using the side button and dials with no dedicated send adjustment.
It would be nice to have these on the dedicated mixer page along with an audio feed from fx1 to fx2.

doesn’t the new firmware give u FX send knob control over the input sources?

Fx/pan/level filter/Lfo !!!

Oh wow seriously didn’t realise there was this new update already sorry!

Well thats the input issues sorted.

Maybe something more with the tape machine next time.

I hope they add an audio feed from FX1 > FX2

In the tape track you can hit shift twice and hold it and the color will turn yellow, the dial control amount if tape track to effect 1, effect 2, the last is amount of tape to all tracks, if you hold a specific track you can control the amount of tape to that track specifically.
Also, if you hold track button the last encoder will let you crossfeed with the signal. Is that what you want? I don’t know what more control you could want but i can’t really understand what your saying you want.

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thats exactly what I was after thanks

why is this not in the guide?

No idea… Really weird huh?