Tape track glitches

I have a lot of problems getting gliches and pops on the tape track, can’t seems to find anybody else complaining about it? I can’t be the only one? I use mostly my own samples. Any tricks to get rid of them?

Sometimes it works to move the trigs a little bit, but on the track I’m working on now I can’t eliminate them. They appear randomly, it can play through the sequence a couple of times, but then suddenly they appear at random places.

Really frustrating!

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Are you on the latest OS?

Adjust the start and end points of samples? Tape track is probably stretching them to fit and your getting pops

Honestly the tape track is useless for me. Cant make that make a single good sounding thing. It feels like a silly novelty but im sure someone will prove me wrong and will figure out how to scratch vinyl with it

Try using it subtly, like don’t touch the first dial and barely slow down the second dial, use that for a punch in sequence over eight bars for a couple steps… It can sound like epic magic once you get a feel for it…

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about 2 minutes in, I start explaining how I use it. Maybe this works for you…

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hehe i’ve actually watched that video like six times already, or at least other of yours. It’s still lost on me. I think i just need to eat some mushrooms and play around with it for hours. :sunglasses:

It works without the mushrooms…but maybe collecting one of them fire-plants will help :smiley:
…funny though, I find this trick to work on quite a lot of beats, just gotta make sure there always is enough space between the tape slices for the original track to play.