TE Beer


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they’ve completely lost their minds: first they rebrand some old toy record cutter, then they try and sell a $250 tiny backpack and now beer lol

you forgot the decimal point I hope!

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Oh you didn’t see? That wasn’t a typo

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I mean… it’s not like they are brewing the beer. they didn’t start a new business, they just lent their name and probably a beer can label design to a Swedish brewery.

TE does a lot of collab stuff with varying levels of involvement (record cutter, Ikea collections, dancing/singing robots, a heartbeat synthesizer to raise awareness of heart disease) they’ve also done these collabs since the beginning of their company (and before!)

in my opinion, there’s nothing really new here, and certainly nothing to be confused or upset about. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, at least there is hope for all of us who are longing for an op-z with metal casing… beer in metal casing surely is just a prototyping milestone to get there… have a cold one and chill…


Somebody needs to figure out how to crush that beer can into a Pocket Operator case.

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A company I worked for when I was a wee teen used to use crushed up pop cans and graft them to patch up holes in cars.