TE & IKEA collab 2019?

Jesper in an interesting interview here;


I am so curious to see what will happen !

…i like his smoke joke the most! :slight_smile:

looks cool


At the Democratic Design Day event, IKEA also announced it is working with Teenage Engineering. The creative and design company, which brought out the OD-11 wireless loudspeaker‎ and OP-1 portable synthesiser, has apparently already created a range of 22 prototype objects and products all geared towards “throwing a great party”. Coming to IKEA stores globally by February 2019, this collection for cutting loose, called FREKVENS, will include an electronic choir and record player as well as lighting systems.

i would love a guitar peddle stand (or sorts) which is geared for the sofa! Pain in the ass having anything more than an OP-1 when lounging out making some tunes. Am actually considering this! -