TE service

I’ll just put this out there.
I’m waiting on them to service my op-1 and it’s been almost two weeks since they received it. I’ve gotten no response yet. I know they take a while and all. I’m just waiting to see how long it will take for them to even send me an email confirming that they received the op-1 and it’s being looked at.
So any positive or negative stories about TE service that anybody wants to share are welcome on this thread.

Got a mail tonight. they’re on it. Checked it out and sent me a repair quote. I’d say it’s reasonable, not cheap but not more than I was ready for either.

Just curious what happened to your OP-1? Did it fail on its own or was it dropped, etc.?

it would drain battery, so that even if i didn’t use it, it would be dead within three days.

now after all this, i’m just going to sell it. I literally have received the worst deal ever. I traded a fair value of equipment for the op-1. After shipping, repairs and now, I even have to pay a consumption tax; I will have payed over $400. Now I need to sell, just to get money back. So I basically gave the other stuff away. How depressing…

I’m probably going to sell them both and just buy an rc-50 looper. I’ve got other synths and a sampler. I’m definitely selling the one that was just repaired; it has been nothing but BAD LUCK!

your country charged you consumption tax for something TE repaired and is shipping back to you? f’ing ouch =/

Wherever you live, fuck that place hehe.

I can’t say I wouldn’t do differently if I was in your place. Paying half the price of a new one for a repair would leave me feeling fucked in a very bad way.

Sorry man, sound like a stiff… Where do you live @jbl? I think living in the US the support seems faster because it got to an in country service.

It’s more like the shipping company are being assholes. But yeah, fuck this place!

Totally sucks! please find a new device not finding one would be our loss!

And I don’t mean fuck this forum. You guys are great.
I’ll keep one.

Thanks @krism @dimi3

Oh well, probably just working out some bad karma.

Damn. That sucks…

I am kind of dealing with similar battery issue. I did a full cycle (drain the battery completely and then charge it all the way up). The next time I used my OP-1 I noticed the battery meter went from full to only 2 bars in under an hour or so. I e-mailed TE and notified them of the problem and asked for information on proper battery care. They basically told me to calibrate the battery (do a full charge cycle), which is what I already did and what I feel may have caused the battery level problem. I may try another full cycle, hopefully that won’t make things worse. I’ve read you’re only supposed to do it once every 2 weeks - a month.

TE’s response:

Thank you for your email. If the unit starts but does not charge properly:

  • Disconnect USB, turn your unit on and leave it on until it turns off by itself. Do not manually turn off the unit. This could take up to 18 hours. The unit is off when the screen has turned black.
  • After this, charge it fully using a computer or any standard USB charger. This can take about 2,5 – 6 hours depending on your situation. (The battery is 1800mA). This should recalibrate the battery indicator.

Your unit will charge when:

  • It is turned OFF and connected to a USB power source. (computer / charger)
  • It is turned ON and connected to a USB power source, unless USB charging is turned off in the OPT menu. (SHIFT+COM, 4)

Regarding that first step, I wonder if leaving the OP-1 turned on for so long in the same screen would not cause ghosting in the OLED display…

I use the tombola sequencer to drain the battery, so the display is not static @punji

Good thinking @KrisM

"I use the tombola sequencer to drain the battery, so the display is not static @punji"


My battery went from full to dead in 72 hours regardless of whether I used it or not. @tuttocambia I bet yours is just experiencing that led bug. I did get the same email and did exactly what they said btw. It didn’t help my problem but might help you.

My issue is really a one off. They had never seen it before.
Also, they did a great job on repair. It feels/looks like a brand new machine.

@jbl Glad to hear your OP-1 is back in business! If you don’t mind sharing, excluding the shipping costs about how much did the repair set you back?

I guess about $160.00.