TE store prices...PO-400 now down to £375

…and individual components at £29 each. Their clothes are now at a far more realistic price, as are the posters (£6).


…but I’m a little curious as to why the OB-4 has had a £100 price hike (ignoring the bundled option).

Thanks, the Pom 400 very tempting. I notice in UK that they remove the VAT. Does it just get added on by TE courier when arriving in England does anyone know please? Help appreciated as not not sure of EU to UK rules latest details.

That’s what happened last time I ordered direct from TE.

The delivery guy had to wait while I went on and paid the VAT by card over the phone.

I’m not sure, but my guess is no, only postage is added at the end. But reading Hugh’s comment is bit of a shocker. Bloody weird practice if thats always the case.

that’s really nuts, and if I were in your shoes at the time I’d refuse, just being overly-aware/cynical. Where do you live (not that it makes any difference, but have you experienced that before, with orders from Sweden?).

holy moly, ya right! just placed an op-1 into the cart and without shipping…
£ 1 399.00

£ -233.17

£ 0.00

£ 1 165.83

fcking insane!! I paid what the op-1 is worth £650 from amazon about 5 years ago.
So the margin reduced price for the PO-400 is basically still the same price as everywhere else.

weirder still is the OB-4 which was first released at £550. Listed on TE store at £649 bundled with/without oath remote (£89) £ 649.00

£ -108.17

£ 0.00

£ 540.83

cheeky fcks.

even weirder still…

put the po-400 into the basket…
£ 375


apply a voucher


vat deduct



£ 375.00

£ -62.50. (VAT DEDUCT)

£ 0.00 (shipping, un-added)

£ 312.50


I’m in the UK.

Yeah, it’s a pain as it took about 10 minutes to pay for it over the phone and the delivery bloke had to stand there and wait.

If I hadn’t paid the VAT over the phone he wasn’t going to leave the package :wink:

This was an OB-4, plus some cables and other stuff, by the way so it was quite a chunk of VAT to pay.

that’s bloody weird, and I really don’t know what I would have done in your situation, because, as you said, the VAT on OB-4 alone is quite a chunky unexpected heft…and such a odd business practice. Wonder if that’s always been the case…Anyone?

Being cheeky, why did you buy the OB from TE instead of other supplies (Andertons/etc) which have always retailed lower prices? (personally I’d love one…and it’s not the price holding me back for once, it’s the zero external 3.5mm. Such a daft simple thing but sometimes I wanna hear stuff over headphones and not have outside noises while listening)

It definitely hasn’t always been like this, I assumed it was due to Brexit. Up to a year or so ago the VAT was included at the point of order. Which is much easier, rather then having to arse about paying it on delivery.

I bought the bundle deal for the OB-4 which basically included a free Ortho Remote which I thought was a decent price.

It’s Brexit related you won’t have to pay tax after if you live in the EU. Blame those who chose to leave the EU.

The VAT rules did change from Jan 2021 (?) but that’s not Brexit related exactly, that it affects purchases from EU countries is.

It’s the same buying from any other country (you will be charged VAT on import for any package over £135) and since last July it’s similar when importing in the EU (in fact it’s tougher for lower value packages there.) It was planned before Brexit happened, and the UK was involved.

Seeing a lot of comments here relating to VAT in the UK. I take it this is different to the imports duty? I got stung quite painfully on my pocket operator’s last month. Think I spent £150 and paid £60 in imports.

You should have a bill that says what it was you paid!

There’s two different kinds of VAT - online stores are supposed to collect supply VAT if the order doesn’t exceed £150. If it’s more than £150 then you will probably pay import VAT, along with a handling fee from the carrier. I don’t think there would be any customs duty on synthesisers imported from the EU.


Further to previous message, I ordered POM 400 from TE and had delivered to England and thought I would provide the costs for avoidance of doubt and to help if anyone else wanted to know to present the details as of today.

I was charged £312.50 with tax deducted. I paid £99.05 on doorstep to UPS as tax and import charge. Total therefore £411.55 final total from TE.