TE website is up. PO's in stock.

The website is up get em while they are hot

the pictures of the Po case actually look. good. no back but it seems to wrap around the battery contacts and make an incline stand and feet. very cool!

No software updates and unable to order the PO cases.

same experience^

all the documentation on the PO’s on the TE website is phenomenal. dont like the words on grey background but very well done otherwise!

Wont let me buy, get an error message when I try to put my order through :frowning:

Shopping cart is acting weird for me (not working). They must be getting hammered.

For what it’s worth, I was able to check out using paypal, not a credit card (got a rhythm, can’t add cases to cart)

I also used paypal!

You should add ‘none’ to the poll.

i should but i cant… Have to delete it to add more options…

Looking at the manuals of the PO’s. Who is going to break away the hanger? i.e. you only do this if you put it in the case right?

Ya PayPal worked for me too. I played with different browsers. I tried adding the case but it wouldn’t show up in the cart too. Is it possible that it’s included with a PO purchase, hence the lack of price graphic?

nah, they’re extra, from what I’ve read, but it looks like they just haven’t been configured in the store yet

@Virtual_Flannel : same, I think it may be because we’re in Canada? Anyway, at the “address” step I only get fields to enter Country and State, no way to enter street address, which I’m guessing is the problem :frowning:

@raigan Try Safari or maybe Chrome… I was getting the same errors in Firefox. Safari was the answer for me. Good luck!

Wont let me buy, get an error message when I try to put my order through :(
@raigan I also got an error a few times so I went back to the TE store and re added to the cart. I also used PayPal.

Had no problems using Chrome (and of course the Mastercard ;))

@marijn your probably right about breaking off the hanger for the case… I think. Although, I thought I saw a neck strap marketed on one of the gear sites. Anyways, I’m breaking mine off.

Did anybody mentioned the expected shipping time? (Sweden)

Btw, Merry TE Christmas buddies!