I can barely read the light grey text (who started a thread, time stamps, etc) on the white background o.O

lol, now this current one is a lot easier to read.

And back to blind o.O

I need to find a good theme which ain’t broke

get glasses!

looking for more themes now

hold your eyes!


I think it’s pretty bad in comparison with the default one:

* 5 (ish) different fonts make it really restless (esp. the sidebar font is really weird-looking)
* green header bars mess up the banner
* the icons are imho ugly
* also the text justification is kinda broken in posts

Sorry for all the negative feedback…

I am tracking down a clean look which works sorry it is bad I know I will be changing it soon.

I wear glasses :frowning: One of the themes had light grey text on a white background :wink:


How about this one?

Thanks I’ll give it a try

doesn’t seem to do much

Ah, I tried to google “flat minimal forum themes” it seems like a lot of UI these days continue to do the flat look.

I am going to relax the changes