The community here

Not to be a massive sycophant, but… it always amazes me how the conversation here at is so consistently friendly and intelligent. Unlike the constant flame wars on pretty much every other forum!

Anyone who dismisses the op1 as ‘just a hipster posing device’ should take a look at the conversations going on here.

Indeed! Even the little jabs taken at each other are in good spirits, and everyone approaches each other with positive intent. I’ve only been here a few months, and love the level of professionalism demonstrated. Thanks for making a newcomer feel welcome!

I agree. I noticed that about it too when I started lurking here a few weeks ago before getting my OP-1 and actually knowing what everyone was all about. I mean, lots of online forums once you get to very niche products can be rather friendly and helpful, but this one takes it a bit further, and you feel like you fit right in with a group of already like-minded people from the get-go.

Is it perhaps that the OP-1 and other Teenage Engineering products simply appeal to already very friendly and open-minded people, and therefore a forum for their users simply becomes thus too?

Whatever the case may be, it’s my favourite online forum so far, and therefore I feel more like spending time here, contributing and being helpful myself, finding the tone in here also inspiring me to create more music.

and to think this great atmosphere has been going on since the op1’s release. there was another website before this one the ohpeewon forums. but sadly it got shut down and lots of great information was lost…

Agreed, sold my OP1 about 6 months ago and y’all let me still hang out here! Best forum on the interwebs.

Agreed, sold my OP1 about 6 months ago and y'all let me still hang out here! Best forum on the interwebs.


u fellas should reup :frowning: glad you stick around though! This forums feels like classic nice 2003 internet

I like it here too! And hey, we have the masterofstuff ; ) The force probably is with us!

Hahahaha Master of Stuff is a great name and it is actually my favourite name. I’ve smiled about it more times than Chuck Norris has had fights.

I wonder if there is a Chuck Norris joke that includes the Op-1??

When Teenage Engineering gave Chuck Norris the very first Op-1…

He showed them the beta for the next update.

So true, I feel the same, imo the best forum ever existed !

Just found a Chuck Norris meme

What about Techno Viking ?

Actually, go fuck yourself!

Really cool how, other topics outside of the op1 are embraced and discussed as well. Like the octatrack and modular threads to name but two.

Best forum on the interweb without a doubt!
I sold my OP-1 a little while ago too and still hanging around here.