The Definitive Guide to Trying to Connect Your OP-1 Via USB-MIDI

@Onemanbandthing I have a bomebox.
Experimenting with: OP1 + BomeBox connected to a Roli Seaboard Rise. Midi Hacking the Seaboard MPE values and mapping to the four Midi CCs of the OP1.
btw. bomebox is connected to micro usb battery power.

So, basically everything is battery powered. OP1, Seaboard & BomeBox.

I could not find any information on here about the Midiplus USB MIDI Host Controller (

Has anybody tried it with the op-1? There is one post mentionning on reddit that they’ve used it to control a midi device from the op-1 but I’m wondering if it’s working on the other way? (Reliably controlling the op-1 from an external controller).

it took me way too many hours of fiddling around but i finally figured out how to connect w/ serial to enable realtime messages w/ the hobbytronics usb midi host boards.

while searching how tf u are supposed to do this, i came across this thread which i think some ppl said that the realtime messages didn’t work correctly for op1? but this was from several years ago.

not sure if the guy fixed it in subsequent updates or what but
can say that the clock sync to/from both the op1 and opz are golden! among others.

if anyone is ever trying to do this on mac osx
(because i couldn’t find much info on this)
don’t use terminal (& screen command)
for some reason i couldn’t get it to work at all.
used CoolTerm like someone suggested here and added the baudrates.ini file w/ 31250 in it
in the same directory for the correct baud rate.
used a FTDI Basic from sparkfun (any FTDI serial thingy should work).
connected RX of FTDI Basic to TX of hobbytronics
TX to RX
and 5V to 5V and GND to GND.
or if u are powering the HT separately already,
u just need to connect the GNDs (is important as just connecting RX and TX doesn’t work either)

hope this might help someone out there now or in the future

@Boytec said:
Is anyone there has the CerebelUSB ?

Yes I have the cerebelUSB. In fact Im just trying to use the op-1 together with a Boss RC 505 looper (slave). Inbetween I use the midihost. The tempo transmits fine to the looper but Tape “play” does not start the looper. Does anyone have an idea on how to make this happen?

did you figure this out I AM GOING to have both these devices soon

he’s got something cooking :shallow_pan_of_food:

Has anyone invented a more refined midi usb host yet? Something that does not involve another box?

edit - as mentioned above this thing looks great

shame its out of stock

with the blokas you‘ll need a raspberry pi underneath the unit, with the solution posted above you‘ll just need a raspberry and get the Organelle mother image on top!

paired with the Op-Z, the OpZ acts as a soundcard for the raspberry pi or use a cheap usb soundcard. you can‘t go smaller and cheaper (featurewise)

hi there!
Could you pls answer me, i need to connect Octatrack with OP-1, and can’t found Kenton usb host in my local stores but i found Miditech USB MIDI Host, is it good for OP-1?

no reason it shouldn’t work from what I can see

I actually got it today and will be returning it! :frowning: it works for like 30 seconds and then nothing… doesn’t seem to play nicely with the OP-1. I wouldn’t recommend it. ( I know this was from 2 years ago, but just in case others are reading this…)

Hello, i read as much of this thread as I could this evening and still haven’t been able to figure out my situation.

I am trying to control my op-1 with a Sensel morph. It has a micro USB out and I’ve run that and my op-1 into a USB hub attached to the Kenton midi usb host mkII’s USB port. It has not worked. Is this the proper way to do this? Is there another way that does not force me to stay connected to power?

From the Kenton site:
“You can connect one “Class Compliant” USB device directly into the MIDI USB Host. If your host has the
latest firmware already installed then you can plug in a powered USB hub and up to four USB devices
can then be connected. Earlier MIDI USB Host mkIIs can be updated with a free download which is
available from the support section of our website. Serial numbers N6-2421 already have the hub
compatible firmware. Serial numbers N3-0541and upward can be updated.”

Maybe you need to check in on what FW is on your unit. I do not have this device, so not sure how that works.

The firmware is up to date on the Kenton, the OP-1 and the Sensel Morph.
When it says "powered hub would that mean a hub with its own separate power supply or one powered through USB. I have tried 3 separate USB powered hubs.
I got an email from sensel this morning and they seem to think I would need 2 Kenton hubs to make the thing work… does that make any sense to anyone out there?

powered hub usually means separate power supply
i would try that first if u havne’t already

but i think its because the kenton passes MIDI from USB to DIN and DIN to USB only
i don’t believe it passes MIDI from USB to USB unfortunately
which is what you’re trying to do.

u may need a device that passes MIDI from USB to USB.

Both sensel and Kenton said they have used the midi host this way, with other gear, not the op-1, and suggested I use 2 Kenton boxes. :joy::cry: Kenton states they have used the op-1 this way on the website though I have not gotten any direct response from them. I will look for another USB host with separate power.

if they say they’ve used it in this way (MIDI from USB to USB),
why do they suggest u use 2 kentons then?

u would need 2 kentons to pass MIDI from USB to USB if it didn’t do this on their own.
plug your controllers into one of each USB port then connect the DIN ports on the kentons together.

the description on the Kenton website says
“MIDI data received at the MIDI In socket will be sent to the USB device. MIDI data received from the USB device will be sent to the MIDI Out socket.”

i still don’t think it passes MIDI from USB to USB
actually alot of the USB MIDI Hosts out there don’t do that i believe

In the email to me from sensel all it said was,
“We know the op1 and morph connection is a hassle. They both require hosts so each needs a Kenton style connector. It’s not a good combination unfortunately.”
The Kenton website does talk about the use of hubs with the host if you have the latest firmwars(which I do) but not if the hubs can be used from USB to USB. The rep at sensel said he has used the hub this way but not with the op-1. Do you know of any USB to USB hosts, I can’t find that. Is that even a thing? Also I would love to stay mobile on the op-1.

its been awhile since i’ve looked into host devices
maybe one of hte iconnectmidi jawns does that?
i remember that most of them at the time only do USB to MIDI and vice versa.

not sure why more USB to USB devices don’t exist.
seems like a no brainer given the plethora of USB MIDI devices out there.

i ended up making my own USB to USB host device
using the hobbytronics usb host boards awhile back.
its about the size of a cigarette pack and runs off a LIPO battery


By using a simple (and included) OTG Adapter cable you can even connect plain 5V power and a USB hub to the RK-006 and host multiple USB-MIDI devices. The RK-006 will interconnect them and merge them together with the existing hardware ports. And because one USB-cable can route a whole lot more than just a MIDI-In or MIDI-Out we added extra filtering to specifically target these USB devices as well.

I have a problem with Miditech USB Host and Op1!
I connect the op1 with the Polyend tracker and if I try to send midi to the tracker nothing happen ; if I try to send midi from tracker to op1 all job is done (I can play op1 synth with midi) but when I try to play some note on the tracker with the op1 nothing happen.
I’ve tried more midi channel, disabling usb charge but nope.
The usb led on the host is green ma no midi note coming from op1.
I’ve tried with op1 to Ableton using the interface and I have the same problem (that not compare when I use op1 to Ableton direct from usb).
Do you have any advice?
Thank you!