The Naughty Step - 2 x Erica Synths Techno Systems -Vertical Drift :)


In light of feedback I thought it best to collate any videos into one post to avoid any unintended upset or cluttering of the thread.

Sold my Op1 a while back and am getting an OPZ, hence I signed up here.

I primarily use Analogue Synths and Sequencers however intend to use the OPZ as an idea pad and perhaps for the videos in some way.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve done recently for those who may be interested:

A dawless jam recording with the Zoom 16

Generator sequencer performance feature demo

A minimal fusebox jam

The Tiny Treadstone being modulated and sequenced by the Generator

Hope this keeps things a bit tidier :slight_smile:


I changed up my studio set-up as I wanted to reposition the monitors. I attended a talk at Synthfest on Monitor placement so applied a few useful tips I picked up on. And this is the first tune/sound and connection check I did afterwards.

Also to add I seen and played about with the OPZ at Synthfest. Was really popular so had to wait a bit to get a go on it. Really amazing how small it is and great sound off it. Definitely on my to get list. :slight_smile: Going to use it as an ideas pad and also for animation.


Wow it’s looking really amazing now. (Nice sounds too.)
That Z is going to a lovely home :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, I’ll put up some OPZ videos when I can get one, I’ll not need a wide zoom for it as it’s so tiny :smiley:


Kind of just put a few notes in the arp in this one, hit record and jammed and tweaked to see what would happen :slight_smile:

Seen a video of youtube of a guy using his tv as a monitor for additional visuals, going to “borrow” that idea when I get the opz and run some synced background visuals along with my videos, should be fun :slight_smile:


More chilled vibe this time

I used 2 Polymath synths, 2 Generator Sequencers and then 2 Telemarks and 2 Nyborgs for percussion

Plus a little Sea Turtle :slight_smile:


I used the Generator sequencer in this one to modulate and Transpose the Polymath, plus made use of the performance features to add a little extra sparkle. Again I just hit record and played about to see what would happen :slight_smile: I’ve enjoyed doing that recently, no prep, just jump in.


Some more of the Orange Box, this time making use of the Arp and then modulating and tweaking it.


Gorgeous sounds. Especially the 2nd to last post synth, the filter /osc sounds amazing.
When you get that Z along to take care of random trigg conditions for your drums to give pattern movement to accompany your tweaks - Wow!
Either that or grow an xtra pair of hands.


Ta, yeah that’s the Polymath in the second last, youtube encoding doesn’t really do it justice, amazing synth, with a HUGE low end, it’s my favourite synth ever!


Went for a bit more “Production” in the sound with reverb on the lead synth, I usually record raw.

A fully analogue live jam using the Polymath for bass, Fusebox Lead and Telemarks and Nyborg 24s for percussion.


This one is a Bass sequence using 2 Polymaths sequenced by Generators and sound tweaks made as the sequence plays.

Love the sound of these synths :0


This is the Treadstone Module, it’s a tiny synth but sounds much bigger than its diminutive sound.

in this one I build up the sound and then the sequence. Cool little synth (I’ve 2 i like it that much :slight_smile: )


Played about with the Fusebox to create a nice arp. I then hit record and tweaked the sound
Bass Polymath. Percussion Nyborg 24 and Telemark.

Guest appearances from Miss Piggy and Dick Emery :smiley:


I did a shorter edit of the Arp tweak video as not everyone has time for a long video :slight_smile:


Got a qu32 mixer so this is my first go with it in a Jam


The Treadstone is used in this vid, great little synth and perfect for use with the OPZ when it gets its cv module :slight_smile:


A Saturday morning jam. The choice was this or housework, so I did this :smiley:


Used my favourite synth the Polymath in this one along with the Fusebox.

Mixed it live on the Qu32 so it’s a gradual build up :slight_smile:


The result of a sugar rush