The Naughty Step - 2 x Erica Synths Techno Systems -Vertical Drift :)


The video machine spits out another demo :slight_smile:

Got hold of a Leipzig Sk today so recorded my first playabout :slight_smile:


This starts out with just the Fusebox and then various other synths are introduced and tweaked and mixed:


Polymath Halloween Horror


I was asked if this could be downloaded so put up a version on soundcloud.


Some Polymath(again) Love this synth, so angry sounding :slight_smile:


Played this in live, no sequencing this time :slight_smile:


Some up tempo Polymath :slight_smile:

I modulated the percussion from Oberkorn Sequencers and then tweaked the Polymath, transposing it from a Telemark Keys


Sequencing a tune from Scratch

Some Bladerunner


Redid the bladerunner video :slight_smile:



2 Polymaths

1 Sequenced from a Generator, the other I play from a Telemark Keys


Found time to do one more today


This is a strange little tune but a lot of thought went into the note structure. I wanted as much as possible to not have notes overlap so made careful gate choice, on top of this I used the intensity feature of the generator along with a a slow lfo that I timed to trigger the second generator roughly every other 16 steps making a change to the gate pattern and causing the speeding up of the arp sound of the second polymath.

The Polymaths are playing paraphonic chords, the first one designed to sound almost like a voice.

The Fuse box is playing an Arp again designed to complement the other gates and overlap as little as possible.

So whilst its a weird song it was planned out to some degree!


A demo on how quick and easy it is to use the Generator sequencer gate knobs to change a pattern/sequence


More of the Beast that is the Polymath


It feels like you’re getting sharper at what you’re doing… Efficient workflow is key :slight_smile:
Keep pushing on !


Ta Dalai

Really pleased with this one

Its a dark moody piece based on the Hindenburg disaster


This is the Hindenburg song in it’s previous state before I decided to go for a darker theme as it was more suited to the music


Some Fusebox fun :slight_smile:


I made use of the Generators flipped gate feature in this video.

The Fusebox arp is triggered on the gates not assigned to the Polymath Bass.

Second Polymath is also sequenced by a generator and is triggering on opposite gates to the First Polymath bass line.


Something lighter and nice sounding :slight_smile:

A 2 Polymath Jam, i came up with the sounds right away, selected the chords and jammed it out, inst vid and the Polymaths sound great :slight_smile: