The Naughty Step - 2 x Erica Synths Techno Systems -Vertical Drift :)


Scratch n Spin Patch!


Some live play

Generator sequencing the Polymaths and clocking the Fusebox Patternator

Fusebox Transposed live

Mixed and recorded direct from a QU32 Mixer


Clean round the house or make a song?


That live from the shed rocks along!


@Spheric_El said:
That live from the shed rocks along!

Ta Spheric


More live stuff.

Used the Generator sequencers for rapid gate pattern changes and then just made stuff up :slight_smile:

Recorded and mixed live in a Qu32 mixer


Raw Fusebox - with some description of the sound creation process


Bit of a tweaking vieo this time

Still musical though :slight_smile:


Used the Nyborg 24 for this one as it’s been serving time as a kick drum for the last few videos.

This one gets noisy in places hence the name,


Some live keyboard plus some Polymath tweaks

Used the Leipzig Sk synth for bass and some percussion and tweaked the Polymath which was being sequenced by a Generator live :slight_smile:


Used the Split time function of the Megacity Sequencer to run a sequence using the Fusebox and Telamrk


The first in a series of videos on the Generator Sequencer


Part 2 covering Cv and gate control


Part 3 - Flipped Gate


Part 4

The Voltage Generator :0


Really pleased with how this turned out. I thought up a patch idea to link 2 generators together to one Polymath. One Gen would play an arp plus filter modulation, the second gen accompaniment plus its own filter modulation. Each Gen could be transposed from the other. Took a load of wires (over 20) but it worked and sounded awesome!!! The sound comes across well on Youtube but doing it live with the Sub rattling the shed was something else. Love the Polymath!!!


Part 5 of The Complete Guide to the Generator

This covers the additional features of the Voltage Generator


Some Welsh and some dancing - a snippit of an unfinished song.


Erica Synths Techno System First Play :smiley:


Some Modulation of Bass and Percussion