The Octatrack does Pop!

Dug this half finished song off my Octatrack, it's missing the vocals and the quantising is overdone in some parts and needs tweaked.
I just need to get my son in to do the vocal then offset the strings a bit more and we're good to go. I doubt I ever will finish it though.

It's my take on the song Home. I did it as I kept reading the Octatrack is only good for EDM, so I thought I'd make a bit of Pop!!!

Be kind!


I really like this. Reminds me of something at the end of an 80s film. Nice ‘everything’s gonna be ok’ vibes. I’m a sucker for lo-fi and wonky tape etc so that’s the only thing I’d change about it, it’s kind of ‘clean’ for my tastes. I’d like to hear it recorded on to a shitty cassette deck :wink: but that’s just a personal taste thing.

Yeah it’s pretty crisp, not at lot of effects or mixing, just a straight grab from the Octatrack

I thought I’d better fire a song out there since I’ve been such a gear hoarder i thought I’d show I do occasionally use it for something other than Kiddies youtube songs.

I’ve kind of neglected my youtube channel recently due to work commitments. This was my first video, took me hours as I had to teach myself animation as well as video editing to get it out there.

Has a cult following in Vietnam of all places:

It' aimed at kids aged 3-6 so you may not get the vibe :)

Cool !
Listening to it in the train to Paris, this is the right vibe…

Ha Ha. Glad you got the vibe lol. The song is quite simple but it was made with love and good intentions. I’ve had loads of feedback from so many different countries and kids trying to learn English that I feel guilty I don’t have time to create more :frowning:

Love it!

I’ve been humming that bloody song since I listened to it yesterday haha!

Big thumbs up though - my youngest was being a right pain in the backside this morning getting ready for school so for some reason I put this on and it immediately shut him up! Like magic!

Yeah my daughter loved that video too, nice one :slight_smile:

I must admit because I spent so long editing the video the song really started to do my head in :slight_smile:

But they have to be fairly simple and repetitive to achieve their purpose and invade your mind…