"Tic" sound on loop

Hello everybody,

I don’t understand why, but i’ve got a “tic” sound when listening to a loop, and this, each time the op-1 came back to the beginning of the loop…

It is
very annoying and it is not clean…

Have you got this problem ?

thx !

There are a ton of different threads related to this and on the older opeewon forum there was even a petition related to pops, clicks and ticks on loops. A lot of folks have been hoping the issue would be addressed in an update but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I still find it hard to believe the issue wasn’t a top priority for TE when the OP-1 was first released… bonkers!

Nevertheless, here is just one of the many threads that may have some more helpful info/ tips to help you workaround the problem (if you haven’t found it yourself already) >

Thanks a lot jasl, I didn’t found anything when I searched about it (sorry), cause I didn’t use the right words ^^.

I agree about the top priority, hope they gonna “fix it” in the next firmware…

Thanks for your link, I’m checking it :slight_smile: