Tip for controlling Ableton with OP-Z

I needed a way to loosely couple my OP-Z’s MIDI channels to the target Ableton devices.

When using Live’s native mapping, the OP-Z’s channels are fixed to the target parameters based on how you initially did the mapping.

The below devices only care about the CC value, not the channel, so any CC flowing to the device will control whatever parameters to which it is mapped.

That allows you to setup a preset in Ableton for any Ableton or VST instrument, map it to OP-Z, and then load it on as many tracks as you want, while having OP-Z control that device as long as OP-Z is sending MIDI to that particular track.

I made some default presets for Ableton Operator, U-he Repro-5, and Synapse Legend.

Here is the Max For Live device I use:


This one will probably also work.


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