Tips on setting OP1 delay time

I’ve had my OP1 for almost two years now but I still find myself having a hard time in setting the accurate delay time. I love the way OP1 keeps things vague and force you to use your ears to tune the efx but delay is one of those things I’d prefer to be exact and syn’ed to the tempo. I’m curious to know how you folks do it, for example, picking the right circle and setting the right speed value to get a dotted 8th note delay. Thx in advance!

Set a long delay time and feedback. So ramp up blue & white.

Drop a percussive transient into it ,while running a beat. Listen to the decay of sound ,while concentrating on your beats timing. Focus on if its too slow or fast. It may be aiming for a whole bar, or half bar, with full blue setting.
Tune in your delay (green) setting for this long delay until it sounds good (maybe 1 beat or bar), then drop blue and white down to taste.
(Hope I’ve remembered colours correct).

I believe holding “shift” down while turning the knobs will allow you to have more fine grain control over the values of the delay time.

Just assign the green knob to gyro and burn it all :wink:

Just assign the green knob to gyro and burn it all ;)