Track button is inconsistent - should I return it?

Hey pals,

I was wondering if you could offer your opinions.

I haven’t been spending a lot of time with my opz, since a concentrated week of activity when I was on holiday in Berlin, I do enjoy it, and I am holding out hope that they will allow multitrack output potentially in the future. However even if they don’t I still think it’s a really fun & useful device and will be really yes for any future time in my life where I have more time to use it / more need of portability.

however I’m getting the double Triggs / inconsistent button issue that various other people have discussed on his forum.

I was a very early owner

These are the issues:

Several of the white keys are double triggering. I’ve tried testing it, and it’s a little bit unpredictable meaning sometimes they double trigger and sometimes they don’t. Playing the keys harder seems to help. playing them softer some of the keys actually don’t trigger it all even when you depressed them.

To be honest the double triggering of the keys if it doesn’t get any worse than it already is is not that you just concerned to me, although it is incredibly annoying and frustrating if I’m honest with what I would prefer. It’s just distracting because I’m trying to be creative it the machine is responding in consistently to my physical touch. When you add this to my phone limitations as a flawed human trying to play something, it just feels like it’s kind of getting in the way you know.

My main concern is with the track button being a bit finicky. Especially considering this button is used for a lot of functions. I hold it down with shift for instance to change the track length and the lights will kind of flash on and off rly fast. Again, adjusting the level of pressure gives you different results, but it almost feels like it’s not something you can figure out how to press it and it just is again inconsistent.

combining these issues with the red encoder sometimes popping up a bit and I have to push it back down. Also the green encoder (to a lesser extent).

so I guess and writing this I’ve already answered my own question to some extent, in that these issues will likely just get worse. The spirit of this post is not of complaining.

by the way, I might seem crazy to you that I haven’t already just returned it, but I bought it internationally so I’ll have to ship it off.

I wonder if t e have revised or improved the design or quality control or whatever other factor has led to what seems like quite a few people having these manufacturing issues.

Return it, if you can…If you get a new one that’s also shitty, return it again.
I have the same problems. Buttons that need to be pushed down superhard in order to not have them doubletrigger…pop-up encoders and so on.
TE has crappy quality control, that much is for sure. But the OP-Z is great otherwise, can’t complain about its funtionality since the sampling update.

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Thanks. Did you end up getting one without these issues?

Not yet…I’m finishing up another CD before I return it. I got more than 2 years warranty left, because I bought off Thomann.

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I returned 3 OP-Z’s for the same reasons. Encoders popping-up, later even fall out. And the double trigs came later. It’s a nice device, but never again for me.

So you never ended up with a decent one?

No. After the third return I gave up.

Same experience here, OP-Z has an excellent concept, it was really freeing all my creativity, I was really comfortable with OP-Z workflow, but double triggers caused a lot of frustration, I have returned 3 OP-Z, everyone I got was worst than the previous one. I hope that TE will solve these problems, and maybe I will give a chance in the future to this excellent device in concept, but not so much in quality. Meanwhile I enjoy with Pocket Operators, and other reliable gears of other brands.

Yea I’ve returned my OP-Z three times and the last one seems better, no double trigs yet but I think I’m ready to go to the dark side and get an Octatrack